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Bigger Stronger Faster is possibly the best documentary I’ve ever seen related to the subject of drug use in sports. It reveals both sides of the coin, natural versus un-natural. Christopher Bell, the director and writer for this hit film, also incorporated the very personal aspects of his family’s life as related to steroids. In other people’s homes, tobacco or alcohol abuse is a common problem… but in the Bell home, it was steroids. Christopher, although having tried them once, had always been against drugs. His two brothers Mike and Mark, however, found reasons to continue the tradition and are still on them today. I have a huge respect for Christopher for sharing his story with the world. I also have tremendous respect for his brothers, as they are both pursuing their dreams at all costs. Mike (“Mad Dog”) wants to be a WWE star, and Mark (“Smelly”) would like to be recognized as a world-class powerlifter. Christopher’s parents, of course, are concerned with their sons’ use of drugs to develop their physique… and often urge them to seek strength from a much greater source than chemical enhancers (that being God). Great movie overall; entertaining, informative, and very, very real.
Unfortunately, the YouTube videos associated with the film are no longer available. As soon as they are re-made available I’ll add them to this page. If you are subscribed to this site’s RSS feed, you’ll be notified of the addition as soon as it’s been integrated.

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Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t forget it.

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Start counting your friends when you are in real trouble, and start counting your enemies when you are really enjoying your life.